Roots – York

Tommy Banks, sounds a bit like cockney rhyming slang doesn’t it? “I’m just popping to the allotment for a Tommy Banks.” There was, fortunately, no masturbating during my visit to Roots, mainly because Tommy wasn’t there. Full disclosure: I actually booked this meal because I’d been reliably informed it was owned by England cricket captain,Continue reading “Roots – York”

BrasilPortu – Bearwood, Birmingham

Bearwood High Street? More like Beerwood High Street! You see, it now has a craft beer place on it so it’s officially allowed to be called a high street rather than just a road. Congratulations! It was outside this craft beer place while sinking a couple of juicy pints that I started talking to aContinue reading “BrasilPortu – Bearwood, Birmingham”

Masterchef the Professionals: Series 13 episode 8

There are four of them again! Hooray! Here comes the slow motion walk to the studio, and these are the headlines: • Jahdre got 3 hours sleep. • Joe thinks he can go all the way. • Luke is nervous. Again, imagine not getting chosen to do that bit because what you said was dullerContinue reading “Masterchef the Professionals: Series 13 episode 8”

Masterchef the Professionals: Series 13 episode 7

I feel sorry for the three blokes who took part in this episode, not just because for large parts of it they weren’t very good, but because everyone watching was more interested in what happened to the fourth contestant who was subsequently edited out. The start of the show told us: ‘this programme has beenContinue reading “Masterchef the Professionals: Series 13 episode 7”