Rosa’s Thai – Birmingham

Hi friends! It’s happened, we’re allowed to sit inside places again, and you know what that means – bloggers can return and impart our wise words upon you.

As this was a soft launch I’m not going to be too mean, because ‘soft launch’ always makes me think of a man with erectile dysfunction, and you wouldn’t be too horrid about him trying to thumb it in until his viagra had kicked in would you?

Rosa’s already had 15 five star reviews on Google before they even opened properly to the public which is really quite impressive, who needs viagra if you’re that good at foreplay?

Starters. Chicken satay, pork skewers and summer rolls.

The pork skewers came with a tasty tamarind sauce, the pork was pretty over cooked and chewy. The satay had the opposite problem, the chicken was well cooked but the satay sauce was incredibly bland. The summer rolls had ‘tempeh’ in which added nothing, but that wasn’t the end of the world as summer rolls are always nice enough.

My wife’s main of Pad Thai wasn’t very good, the chicken was tough and the noodles definitely hadn’t come straight out the wok. My chilli and basil stir fry was decent, although it had three chillis next to it on the menu so I was expecting to cry but it didn’t even make my nose run.

What did make me cry was the complete lack of social distancing and the server having their mask under their chin for the majority of the night. I did contact them about it privately and was told they couldn’t maintain social distancing because the weather was bad so they were struggling to get people to leave… which is frankly ridiculous.

I’m sure it’ll end up being a decent lunch option for office folk once they start returning to the city centre (providing there isn’t another lockdown) but I doubt I’ll be going back.

If it hadn’t been 50% off the food there definitely would have been tears.


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