Skosh – York

Skosh – sounds a bit like a weapon someone would have used in the olden days.

“He was clobbered to death with a skosh.”

I don’t know the origins of the name of this restaurant, but I’m sure if you Google it you’ll probably find out.

What I do know is this was my favourite meal of 2021. It was fucking excellent, in all honesty you don’t need any more detail than that.

From here you either trust me, and book to go, or you don’t trust me, and ignore my advice. If you don’t trust me, get off my website immediately. Go on, go away, no don’t scroll any further, sod off.

Have some pictures.

If you got here, congratulations for trusting me. Seeing as we now have a special connection I’ll impart another piece of advice: order the lobster.

Farewell friends, especially Tom Cullen x

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