The end of food…

The last year has taught us many things, like how much the British public enjoy fetishizing war veterans, that it’s impossible to buy too much toilet paper and that you don’t need to be sat in an office five days a week to be capable of sending emails.

One of the eye-openers for me, however, has been the realisation of just how much money I spend eating and drinking out.

It seems that when:

– I go and have a few pints twice a week, and then decide I don’t want to go home and cook, so eat out…

– Spend Saturday drinking wine and/or cocktails then decide I don’t want to go home and cook, so eat out….

…it ends up costing me a fucking fortune.

It’s also one of the many reasons I’m a fat bastard, that and the fact that since moving to Birmingham I walk about 3,000 fewer steps every day because you need a car to get anywhere.

Sadly, this doesn’t mean I’m leaving lockdown with a fat wedge to blow, impossible when living somewhere with so many nice things Deliverooable, but it means I’ve made my credit card situation look slightly more manageable.

Last April, I had auto-renew set on the blog, and the email about it happening went to my junk, so £84 just dribbled out my bank account without me being prepared for it. I set a calendar reminder for this year to cancel it so it didn’t happen again.

But who in their right mind closes things down at this point? My website has a sweet domain authority of 9. I’ve got 2,000 Twitter followers and 1,235 Instagram followers – 4 of whom regularly DM to tell me I’m funny. It seems fucking insane to bow out here, at the very height of my powers.

I’m not interested in competitively ‘liking’ restaurants with other people on social media but I do enjoy writing and being a knob. So, I think it’s only fair to you, my public, that I continue for another year.

A semblance of a social life is starting to come together, with the calendar slowly filling up. I’m booked to go to one of my favourite places on 22 May for lunch and I’ve got a UK based weekend away booked in July which will definitely involve eating and drinking.

I really, really want to go to all the restaurants, bars and pubs that I love and give people who have been shafted for the past year, not only my money, but also the unadulterated pleasure of seeing my face and the unrivalled thrill of my repartee – then I want to use the experiences on this blog, get my domain authority to 10 and start being sent free shit.

Best wishes,


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