Tierra Tacos – Birmingham

Let’s get this out the way immediately, yes I’ve been to Mexico. I think I was about 10 and we went to Tijuana for the day having popped over from America while there on holiday. I’m not entirely sure we ate anything but I see no reason for this to prevent me announcing myself as the go-to Birmingham food blogger when it comes to Mexican food.

Admin 1: You know the lovely lads behind Tiger Bites Pig? Well, they started knocking out tacos from Cork n Cage, then lockdown happened and they had to come via Deliveroo, and now they have their own place.

Admin 2: Tierra Tacos – Land Tacos, very apt, apart from of course the fish taco which is from the sea – Mar Taco. Tierra & Mar Tacos. And they do small plates – platos pequenos, and drinks – bebidas. Tierra / Mar Tacos y Platos Pequenos y Bebidas to give this new Jewellery Quarter eatery its full title.

That gives you a nice insight into what to expect.

Admin 3: The setting for this eatery has absolute mega east London vibes, something I’ve told the owners at least twice when pissed, I’m going to keep doing it until one of them slaps me.

The food: It was so good. The tacos not being sat in a delivery driver’s bag for half an hour made me so glad to be sat in a restaurant again. The tacos are all excellent and I can’t tell you which my favourite is, possibly the beef or the fish or the pork.

We also had the truffle cheese hush puppies, which much to my disappointment were not shoes covered in grated Parmesan. They were bloody tasty though.

Obviously, also get the beans and the guacamole and tortilla chips.

The mezcalarita – a margarita made from mezcal rather than tequila is waaaaaaaaaay too easy to drink.

You should go to this eatery.


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