Review: The Old Dairy, Crouch Hill

Happy Sunday! What better day to share a review of a roast dinner I recently sampled in Crouch Hill?

Welcomed in by the dulcet tones of Bon Iver, I knew instantly I would warm to the Old Dairy like an old friend. With a nice India Pale on tap, so much the better.

As I sat and watched a thrilling 3-3 draw between Reading football club and Wolverhampton Wanderers (the view partially obscured by the reflection of a chandelier) I began to feel a little peckish and consulted the menu.


Too Chicken? Not Me.

I settled on the chicken after enquiring at the bar where the chicken was from. They thought it might have been from Norfolk but weren’t unequivocal. They reiterated it was corn fed so I pressed on.

The food was delivered fantastically quickly, which shows this chef must be at the top of his game. I asked for his / her name but was politely rebuffed.

Chicken, vegetables, beer. Did someone say paradise?
Chicken, vegetables, beer. Did someone say paradise?

What did I think? Let’s start with the carrots. Innovative. Cut into long, thin strips, they were unlike any other carrot I’ve eaten. The cauliflower? Creamy. The potatoes? Crispy. What of the chicken? Moist and herby. I enquired about the chef’s methods but this is a pub that values its uniqueness and were admirably secretive once again.

One word of caution: the mustard viscosity was of some concern. To my mind it flowed too easily and lacked a gloopiness . The video below should show you what I mean.

Despite explaining at length my thoughts on the matter, the waiting staff seemed unperturbed, a complacency that endangers their livelihoods.

In summary, this was a wonderful meal and experience, I would liked to have stayed a great while longer but my date fell ill.  4/5

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