The Highfield – Edgbaston, Birmingham

As The Lighthouse family once sang, “when you’re close to tears remember, someday this will all be over, one Sunday we went to the HIGHfield.” That’s right, against my better judgement we went out for a Sunday roast a couple of weeks back. “What could be nicer than spending a Sunday in a pub, eatingContinue reading “The Highfield – Edgbaston, Birmingham”

Review: White Swan Harborne

I walked past here yesterday and noticed they’re closed for refurbishment, perhaps they knew this review was coming in and decided to buck up their ideas. DISCLAIMER: Before I go off on one (and then feel bad for being mean), I believe upwards of 70% of roasts served up in pubs and restaurants across thisContinue reading “Review: White Swan Harborne”

Review: The Old Dairy, Crouch Hill

Happy Sunday! What better day to share a review of a roast dinner I recently sampled in Crouch Hill? Welcomed in by the dulcet tones of Bon Iver, I knew instantly I would warm to the Old Dairy like an old friend. With a nice India Pale on tap, so much the better. As IContinue reading “Review: The Old Dairy, Crouch Hill”