Cornerstone – Hackney

“A cornerstone is literally a stone at the corner of a building. It’s an important stone, so it also means “the basic part of something,” as in, the cornerstone of the suffragette movement was getting women the right to vote.” Not my words, the words of The suffragette movement is an interesting angle forContinue reading “Cornerstone – Hackney”

Review: Yeah! Burger

After our incredibly successful review of We Serve Humans at the Jackdaw and Star (over  ****** potential impressions on Twitter achieved and a healthy ****** blog views reached – get in touch to find out the numbers behind the stars) it wasn’t a big surprise to hear from the marketing guys at the Star pubsContinue reading “Review: Yeah! Burger”

Review: Duck and Rice – London

The Chinese New Year is the perfect time of year to indulge in the cuisine of the Chinese. The Chinese are famed for making all sorts of food – rice, dumplings and noodles to name just a few. During Chinese New Year celebrations it’s traditional to eat fish as it’s considered to be a luckyContinue reading “Review: Duck and Rice – London”

Review: Lucky Chip @ Birthdays, Dalston

On hearing that Lucky Chip were transporting their patty offerings from Hackney to trendy Dalston, our Foodie Senses went into overdrive. After a few well-placed calls, we hadn’t really got anywhere, so it was fortunate that a work colleague mentioned he could get us on the guest list for their opening night. When we rockedContinue reading “Review: Lucky Chip @ Birthdays, Dalston”