FoodieBoys food tour of Kent #LongRead

“There are only so many London restaurants, we don't want to run out before our domain registration,, expires.” Tony sighed. “Too true, perhaps we should go and review some places in Kent. After all, Kent is much like London. They have similar accents, for example.” “I was thinking the exact same thing.” And so … Continue reading FoodieBoys food tour of Kent #LongRead


"Hey, Tony, fancy heading out for lunch today?" said my colleague. "Yes, why not. Where shall we go?" I replied. "GBK?" my colleague offered confidently. "Well, I do like burgers especially gourmet ones prepared in a kitchen." I quipped. After grabbing some monkey nuts, (I don't like them but they're free) we sat down and … Continue reading GBK

Honest Burger – 16th September (Day before my birthday)

Hi guys, Toby here. Just back from a stag weekend, what happened in Manchester stays in Manchester! Although I'll probably blog about some food I had there at some stage. Last month I visited Honest Burger, and HONESTLY, it’s one of the best burgers I’ve ever had. Being the adventurous type, who doesn’t like to … Continue reading Honest Burger – 16th September (Day before my birthday)