Fat Hippo – Birmingham

Is there such a thing as a Skinny hippopotamus? Is there such a thing as a Fat hippopotamus? I’d imagine most hippopotamuses fall within a very similar weight range. A bit of research indicates the average male hippopotamus weighs between 236 – 283 stone. Their large bloated bellies allow them to float. Don’t be fooledContinue reading “Fat Hippo – Birmingham”

Albert Schloss / Purecraft

Schloss – sounds like what I’d expect the mop bucket at a German brothel to be called. “Friedrich, fetch the Schloss, the bukkake party has ended,” that sort of thing. It’s not though, it’s German for castle. Castles are big buildings designed to protect the people inside from attack. Which is interesting as Albert SchlossContinue reading “Albert Schloss / Purecraft”

Review: Yeah! Burger

After our incredibly successful review of We Serve Humans at the Jackdaw and Star (over  ****** potential impressions on Twitter achieved and a healthy ****** blog views reached – get in touch to find out the numbers behind the stars) it wasn’t a big surprise to hear from the marketing guys at the Star pubsContinue reading “Review: Yeah! Burger”

FoodieBoys food tour of Kent #LongRead

“There are only so many London restaurants, we don’t want to run out before our domain registration, http://www.foodieboys.com, expires.” Tony sighed. “Too true, perhaps we should go and review some places in Kent. After all, Kent is much like London. They have similar accents, for example.” “I was thinking the exact same thing.” And soContinue reading “FoodieBoys food tour of Kent #LongRead”

Review: Niche – Toby

Picture this: you’re standing in Leicester Square. Throngs of people-crowds push past you. Probably going to see a film I expect. And quickly, unbeknownst to the hundreds, even thousands of people around you, you start to shit yourself. What a terrible dream. But this was no dream for Tobes, it was a very real realityContinue reading “Review: Niche – Toby”

Review: Lucky Chip @ Birthdays, Dalston

On hearing that Lucky Chip were transporting their patty offerings from Hackney to trendy Dalston, our Foodie Senses went into overdrive. After a few well-placed calls, we hadn’t really got anywhere, so it was fortunate that a work colleague mentioned he could get us on the guest list for their opening night. When we rockedContinue reading “Review: Lucky Chip @ Birthdays, Dalston”