Monkey nuts“Hey, fancy heading out for lunch today?” said my colleague.
“Yes, why not. Where shall we go?” I replied.
GBK?” my colleague offered confidently.
“Well, I do like burgers especially gourmet ones prepared in a kitchen.” I quipped.

After grabbing some monkey nuts, (I don’t like them but they’re free) we sat down and discussed why exactly they’re called monkey nuts for a little while (no conclusion was reached) until we thought we should order some food.

The lunch menu boasted a burger 4oz, and a side for £5.95. Pretty reasonable!

That is until you decide you want a 6oz for £1.50 extra and a vanilla milkshake! What can I say, the nuts must have gone to my head.

I went for a blue cheese burger and skinny fries.

The burger was good and the cheese dealt an impressively tangy punch.

Blue cheese burger

The best bit was these tiny, little chips though. My colleagues and I debated how exactly these would be made, no conclusion was reached. These were covered in HeiHei salt, which is like salt but with something extra. We debated what this ‘something extra’ could be but reached no conclusion.

If you fancy a lunch to fill not just your belly but also your brain, you can’t go too far wrong with a GBK!

Skinny fries

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