Tiger Bites Pig – Birmingham

Tigers – the largest species of cat in the world, fantastic beasts. Pigs – the most pig-like species of cat in the world, delicious beasts. Now: imagine a tiger’s mouth made of dough. STAY WITH ME. Imagine inside that doughy, cat gob is a piece of pork. Congratulations, you’ve just imagined a tiger biting aContinue reading “Tiger Bites Pig – Birmingham”

The Highfield – Edgbaston, Birmingham

As The Lighthouse family once sang, “when you’re close to tears remember, someday this will all be over, one Sunday we went to the HIGHfield.” That’s right, against my better judgement we went out for a Sunday roast a couple of weeks back. “What could be nicer than spending a Sunday in a pub, eatingContinue reading “The Highfield – Edgbaston, Birmingham”

Little Blackwood – Moseley

‘Little Blackwood’… sounds a bit like a very niche category of pornography doesn’t it? It’s not, it’s a restaurant in Moseley. I actually went about a month or so ago on the day it opened, but I never got round to writing a review. Sometimes these things just happen – often for reasons outside ofContinue reading “Little Blackwood – Moseley”

Purnell’s bistro – Birmingham

I’m about to blow your mind, seriously, sit down before you read this next bit. I just realised that ‘Glynn’ is ‘Lynn’ with a G at the front. Had you ever considered that? I hadn’t. Now think of all the other potential baby names just sat there waiting for use: Glaura Glouise Glily Glisa GlindaContinue reading “Purnell’s bistro – Birmingham”

Peel’s – Hampton-in-Arden

Lots of dashes in that title, not very easy on the eye. I wouldn’t blame you if you stopped reading there. Although, if you just read that sentence – you did keep reading, and if you stop at this point I will blame you… anyway, shall we get on with it? “So, for your 28thContinue reading “Peel’s – Hampton-in-Arden”

Two good, two bad – January 2018

I’ve done a fair bit of eating and drinking over the past few months but frankly, haven’t been bothered to blog about it – I can only apologise. Please, for the love of Christ, forgive me. It’s not really fair to compare the four places I’m about to write about, but then when did I everContinue reading “Two good, two bad – January 2018”