Review: Viet Eat / Viet Food / Ngon

Have I ever mentioned that I taught English in Vietnam during my gap year? I hope I have as it’s probably worth knowing, but just to be sure I’ll mention it again here.

Back in 2003 I taught English in Vietnam, yeah 2003 – before you even knew Vietnam existed. It was a crazy time, get in touch if you’d like to arrange a meet-up with me where I can talk to you, at length, about this.

Anyway, as a result I really got a taste for the cuisine over there – pho, bun cha, beer, summer rolls, cafe sua da, banh mi pates, marijuana – all the good stuff.

So, I often go to Vietnamese restaurants in London. Here I will treat you to a review of three of them I have recently visited.

Viet Eat

Here we had various things, but I’ll talk about the two in the picture – the first being a beef bao – MEH – go and have bao somewhere that specialises in bao, like that restaurant called Bao.

The Vietnamese fried rice was OK. I always used to have this in Vietnam on my gap year, have I mentioned I went to Vietnam on my gap year? I also always used to oder this in Tre Viet in Hackney, I used to live in Hackney, have I mentioned that? Yeah, I had a gap year and I also lived in Hackney – I’m everything you always hoped you’d be.

I like this stuff as it’s got rice, prawns and bits of sausage in it. The sausage is sweet and tasty, cover the whole thing in soy sauce and you’re on to a winner. This one was OK (as I mentioned in the previous paragraph #OK).


2.5 boys out of 5

Viet Food

How DO they name these places? Here are a few ideas for any potential Vietnamese restaurants opening:

  • Viet nourishment
  • Viet sustenance
  • Viet nutriment
  • Viet fare
  • Viet foodstuffs
  • Viet edibles
  • Viet provisions
  • Viet rations

You get the idea. I was here for a work lunch, did I mention that I have a job? A job, a gap year and a former dwelling in Hackney – blows the mind really.

Here we’re looking at Bún Thịt Nướng or chargrilled lemongrass pork to you shit munchers, and crispy spring rolls. The bun was good, the spring rolls were rubbish.


3 boys out of 5


Ngon is Vietnamese for ‘tasty’. This seems like a good opportunity for me to teach you some Vietnamese.

  • Tôi là một giáo viên – I am a teacher

That’s the main one you need when you’re teaching English on your gap year in Vietnam.

During my gap year in Vietnam I would often drink shit loads of 5p beer and then have a banh mi pate. Banh mi pate’s are baguettes with various bits of meat and pate in them and frankly when you were pissed they were incredible.

I’m yet to find one in London anything similar, however Ngon do an excellent pork banh mi.

Banh mi

They also do a good cafe sua da – iced coffee with condensed milk. I would show you a photo but I forgot to take one.


3.5 boys out of 5

All in all, the lesson here is that I’m better than you in every conceivable way.

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