Snaps & Rye: Toby’s Lunch 12th February

We’ve noticed some bloggers contributing to Transun’s guide to Scandinavian Restaurants in the UK, and I wanted to throw our hat in the ring. After all, Toby’s been to Denmark before, so knows a thing or two about Viking eats.

So it was that Toby managed to persuade a colleague to come for lunch at Snaps & Rye, a Danish cafe a stone’s throw (from a quite strong man, like that Icelandic Magnus Magnusson was) from Portobello Road market.

It means "Welcome."
It means “Welcome.”

The interior of the place was clean and simplistic, with plush white walls which immediately pleased me because it seemed to guarantee good hygiene. Dirty, greasy marks would show up easily.

The waitress arrived, her name was something like Singe, and I immediately recounted the time I’d been to Copenhagen and therefore indicated I was accustomed to Danish cuisine. I also told her of my childhood adulation of goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel, which I think put her at ease.

She told me she was from an island which I hadn’t heard of, which rather ended that conversation. Luckily, I could use that silence to order my meal.

The writing's on the wall.
The writing’s on the wall!

I went for the rare beef on rye, with marrow bone, mushrooms, egg and mustard cauliflower. I also shared some sides; potato salad and cheese and rye. With this I tried a Sealand Birk, it’s the water from birch trees, with infusions of ginger & lime. This was completely natural and organic, with a subtle sweet taste. Very refreshing.

IMG_20150212_135015 IMG_20150212_134028
The food was delicious. The beef was very well complimented by the cauliflower and mushrooms in particular (so much so it was blushing!) and the marrow was a quirky addition. The egg speaks for itself.

The food was excellent and the girl serving me was masterful. With her soft voice, I would gladly listen to her reading Hans Christian Andersen fairytales to me, the Little Murmur-aid springs to mind! Sadly, she had a full cafe to attend to and this wasn’t a practical possibility.

I had a great time and I only wish I could have stayed longer, but I had already taken up 1.5 hours of my lunch break so was technically late, although working in digital as I do, this is flexible and totally cool with my management.

Before departing, I ran my eye over some of the excellent homewares and the like they had available for sale. Yes, they did have Lego!!

You don't have to be called Madsen to work here, but it helps.
You don’t have to be called Mads to work here, but it helps.

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