Interview with ‘Gonzo Foodie’ Adam Layton – @NoshableAdam

Adam_LaytonQuestion 1

Foodie Boys: Shortlist magazine described you as a ‘Gonzo Foodie’.

Adam Layton: They did.

FB: What does that mean?

AL: That I eat like a muppet.

Question 2

FB: If you were to die, what type of food would you want to come back as?

AL: A crusty loaf (laughs hysterically).

Question 3


FB: Have you, hand on heart, ever said nom nom nom?

AL: Yes.

FB: When and why?

AL: A couple of years ago I did a search for myself with those search terms and deleted all of the evidence. But it’ll exist inside me forever. I have previously nom’d, I have a history of nomming.

Question 4

FB: You can only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what is it?

AL: Smoked paprika. Probably from a thimble or something.

Question 5

FB: What’s the most ill you’ve ever been because of food and what caused it?

AL: Probably on holiday in Cyprus. An all you can eat hotel buffet lead to a sorry incident where, I’m not ashamed to say, I soiled myself. I was about fifteen.

FB: Was it down to any particular foodstuff?

AL: Schnitzel.

Question 6

FB: If you were to make a #FoodPorno who would be in it and what type of food would feature?

AD: Woody Harrelson as the male role, he’s on his own and the foodstuff would be a big italian salami.

FB: What would the title of this film be?

AD: I haven’t got wood.

Keep up with all the things Adam is sticking in his mouth at @NoshableAdam on Twitter and Instagram.

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