Smokehouse Chiswick – review

Neil Rankin’s Smokehouse has opened a second branch, taking over the Hole In The Wall pub in Chiswick.

Goat tacos
Goat tacos

If it can deliver as much pleasure as some holes in the wall they will surely be on to a good thing.

The Smokehouse is all about the meat – a lot like some holes in the wall.

Myself and my lady friend were booked in to enjoy dinner during the ‘soft launch’ period – something you’d hope to not experience at some holes in the wall.

We arrived slightly early so we ordered a drink to enjoy in the whisky room. If you like a stiff one there’s plenty on offer. Whiskies not penises.

Deep fried oysters
Deep fried oysters

We sat down to dinner and first enjoyed some olives with our bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon Domaine des Moulines 2012. Our starters arrived, I enjoyed the goat tacos which had a nice level of warmth emanating from the chipotle. My lady friend had the deep fried oysters with beef dripping toast and smoked bone marrow. It resulted in her making the sort of delighted noises a high pitched man might make on the receiving end of some holes in the wall.

For mains we enjoyed the lamb shoulder with polenta and sambal and a short rib bourguignon. Both were very tasty, and the portions were large – a real mouthful you could say (something about a hole in the wall).

We both had a double d cake with pistachio ice cream for dessert washed down with another bottle of wine. The pistachio ice cream was delicious (something about nuts and cream).IMG_0062

It was a lovely meal and the staff were great. We’re already looking forward to returning.

(If you didn’t pick up the reference, it was to glory holes. You can find out more about glory holes on the internet)

Short rib bourguignon
Short rib bourguignon

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