Papa Del’s Takeaway, Review

Owing to an non-forecast hangover, I found myself in the mood for a takeaway this evening.

Perusing the options on the excellent JustEat app, I found myself curious about the option of burgers, delivered! Well, I’ve tasted burgers from my own grill, vans, kebab houses, street vendors and fast food outlets, but never have I before received one direct to my door without so much as a nod and a wink to the staff.

So when I saw Papa Del’s American diner style offering just a click away, I took the plunge. You certainly get spoiled for choice when it comes to customisation. Once I’d selected my American style cheeseburger, I was able to opt for brioche over ordinary bun, jalapenos, onions mustard and mayonnaise at no extra cost. I was also offered mushrooms, but I said not on your nelly!!

The delivery stunned me as it was near on 25 minutes earlier than originally estimated. I gabbled my thanks to the delivery driver; thank Heavens he had a motorcycle helmet on or I might have kissed him I was so elated.

Before he left, he said in a muffled voice what sounded like “cah yoo refuse us?” I begged his pardon and he was able to communicate that he’d like me to review them.

Well, I was even more impressed that he knew that I was a food critic and assured him that the Foodie Boys certainly would be reviewing his work to which he said “okay, bye.” Lovely man.

So what did I think? The burger stood up to the best of the takeaway burgers I’ve ever had. It was kept warm with a neat tin foil wrapper. It was a proper dripping burger, packed to the rafters with toppings and taste. Excellent.

Now to the chips. These are pretty bland and tasteless, despite being salted. They also came loose in the bag, which I didn’t expect. With this in mind, I’d recommend being ready with CPR (Condiments, Plate & Ranch Dressing) for resusci-TASTE-ion!

All in all, Papa Del’s have proved to be the Daddy of all burger delivery services in the North London area!

I fully recommend. 4/5

A successful purchase

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