Walkabout – Birmingham

AD / Invited / I don’t know what you’re supposed to put here.

Being an absolute expert at:

A) watching sport
B) drinking
C) eating

It was only a matter of time before the people at Walkabout invited me to visit them.

You see, there is categorically no one in the West Midlands more capable of sitting on their arse, downing pints and eating chips – it’s just a fact.

Even more reason to get me involved is my knowledge of Australia and its ‘culture’, as my ex is an Australian and I lived in Sydney

So, let’s get down (under) to it.

I drank a beer. Heineken to be exact, a golden, fizzy lager from Holland. I could taste the Dutch influence and said to the barman, “dit schreeuwt om dronken te zijn,” – it simply screamed to be drunk.

Being a boy of food, I did eat, as they invited me to eat. I chose a charcoal burger as I thought it’d potentially give me an interesting angle for this blog, I upgraded to have ‘spiral fries’ with it for an extra 50p.


The ‘spiral’ fries also known as ‘curly’ in some circles were edible. Think a normal chip, but in an unexpected shape. Golden, potatoey, crisp – what more could you want?!

charcoal burgerThat brings me on to the burger, what can I say about the burger? Nothing. Nothing nice anyway.

IMG_8531I counted no fewer than 4,000 screens in the venue, which means if, for example, you’re looking for somewhere to watch the remainder of the Six Nations where you can sit down, see a TV, drink beer and eat chips – then Walkabout has you covered.


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