Review: The Grey Horse (BBQ Whisky Beer)

Macaroni cheese with parmesan crumb

Back in 2013, yeah, remember then? The Lib Dems still existed, King Richard III’s skeleton was discovered under a Leicester car park and BBQ Whisky Beer won Ribstock.

I was at Ribstock on that day – where 10 different types of rib competed for the crown of ‘best rib’.

I tried the BBQ Whisky Beer entry first. After eating it I turned to Toby and said, “Tobes, we might as well go home now, that’s the winner.”

Toby looked disappointed and began walking towards the exit, but then I explained that the whole “going home thing” was mere hyperbole and we shouldn’t actually go home.

For a short while we had a confusing conversation about what ‘hyperbole’ means until we realised we had to try nine types of rib within an hour.

Anyway, long story long, BBQ Whisky Beer did indeed win.

Small Jacobs Ladder Beef Rib
Small Jacobs Ladder Beef Rib

Then three years later I was on social networking site ‘Twitter ‘ and saw that BBQ Whisky Beer were now in a pub in Kingston.

I gathered my things and jumped on a bus.

“Driver, take me to the ribs!”
“What?” he replied.
“The ribs! The Ribstock winning beef ribs!”
“MOVE THE FUCKING BUS!” Shouted an elderly lady from one of the priority seats.

And with that we were on our way.

Macaroni cheese with parmesan crumb
Macaroni cheese with parmesan crumb

I ordered a large beef rib, Mac and cheese, and some fries.

The Mac and cheese was rich and garlicky, the fries were fryey…and the beef rib was sent to earth by baby Jesus himself.

Who knew cows had ribs? Who knew those ribs had delicious meat on them?

Smothered in a smoky BBQ sauce, and finished so it’s got a delicious, slightly burnt aroma I had to order a second small one.

Jacobs Ladder Beef Rib
Large Jacobs Ladder Beef Rib

I washed this down with an old fashioned – the Grey Horse has an excellent selection of whisky.

Amazing. I haven’t been able to look at a cow the same since.

Five boys out of five.


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