Review: The Laughing Gravy

Dark chocolate cylinder

On Saturday I found myself watching football and enjoying a beer when I received a text message.

“Looking for somewhere for dinner, but everywhere seems to be booked up. Any ideas?” Said the text message.

“What do you think?” I replied.
“Not sure. Do you know anywhere?”
“Are you seriously asking a FoodieBoy if he knows anywhere to go for dinner?”
“What’s a FoodieBoy?”
“I’m 50% of them.”
“Do you know anywhere to go for dinner?”
“Only if I can come.”
“Yes, really.”

So, I had myself a dinner date! All because they’d never heard of the OpenTable app.

After cross-referencing what was available with thorough Google research (we could really do with someone to do this for us, email for unpaid internship opportunities) I found us somewhere and booked.

The Laughing Gravy

“Why is the gravy laughing?” was my immediate worry. Is the gravy amused by the poorly cooked meat it’s being poured on? Surely the Awestruck Gravy would have been a better name to entice customers in?

Let us not get bogged down with that, but please do contemplate it.

The food

Starter: Beetroot three ways.

Beetroot three ways
Beetroot three ways

This was unusual for me as usually a starter consists of some meat, some fish or, if I’ve panicked when giving my order, a soup.

Beetroot has only recently been placed on my radar, I enjoy the excitement it gives to a toilet visit after eating vast quantities of the stuff.

This dish looked lovely, “Oh, doesn’t that look lovely!” I exclaimed as the food was placed on the table.

It tasted good too especially the goats cheese mousse which accompanied it.

Main: Venison Wellington.

Venison Wellington
Venison Wellington

Do you mean beef? No, I mean venison.

This was very nice indeed, with the meat cooked to perfection, a relief after my earlier concern.

The truffle purée was subtle enough to not overpower the dish, it was very nice indeed.

Dessert: Dark chocolate cylinder

Dark chocolate cylinder
Dark chocolate cylinder

“Gregg Wallace would spunk in his Y-fronts,” I shouted as I broke into the chocolate cylinder full of white chocolate and yoghurt mousse.

It also had vaniilla fudge, popcorn and something like honeycomb with it.

What a dream come true when one of my fellow diners got up to use the bathroom, allowing me to gobble their remaining salted caramel cheesecake too, sadly due to my haste I didn’t get a picture of that.

A fine meal.

Four boys out of five.




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