Taste of London – 20th June

What does London taste like?

No, it doesn’t taste of concrete, or exhaust fumes, or underground carriages, or Big Ben, or the River Thames or even The Shard.

It tastes of food.

Taste of What’s To Come

That’s why when AEG and Currys offered us the chance to attend Taste of London, we bit their tasty hands off.

We met at Baker Street station, well I say we met there, Tony was running early so he popped into the Metropolitan Bar Wetherspoons next to the station for a pint.

Toby came in, grabbed him by the arm and loudly said, “look what these people are eating!” and we ran for our lives towards Hyde park.


After some time looking at these herons and speculating if it was perhaps the largest ever congregation of herons we’d ever seen, we decided to get our taste on.

Taste of Exclusivity

We collected our VIP Hospitality tickets, allowing us to enter the show via the priority entrance, something the Foodie Boys always appreciate.

First off we had a thimble of Thai beer, and then made our way to the VIP area.

Here we enjoyed a glass of bubbles and the general ambience one enjoys when being surrounded by people who have paid more for something.

And then Tony turned to Toby and said “what are we doing drinking on an empty stomach? Let’s get fed!”

Taste of Food

First up was one of these delightful tiny burgers from Ember Yard (left). What a treat and we’ll certainly be cashing in that complimentary cocktail voucher!

Next up was the brilliant Draper’s Arms, who produced an interesting little creation – duck’s hearts! (centre.)

It’s rare you think of these peaceful water-dwelling creatures’ internal organs, but I can inform you they are absolutely delicious. Which made us look at the herons with a different perspective.

Lastly, the mince and tatties from The Modern Pantry (right) were a fun play on the traditional Scottish dish, with a kick spicier than the contents of a Scotsman’s kilt.


Next up, we had a live cookery class with AEG, but before we got to that, we needed a pint of the good stuff… beer!

All the beer from this PilsnerUrquell bar was a maximum of 24 hours old.

As Toby remarked “what, do you think it was born yesterday?!” The bar lady didn’t laugh, but silently showed her approval by handing us vouchers for a free pint another time.

Taste of Success

Next was the AEG Let’s Taste Live cooking experience, run with wholesome charm by Gluts and Gluttony.

Much to our non-fish-and-pickle-liking, Toby’s delight, we were cooking mackerel with pickled rhubarb.

We did this with aplomb and were probably the best chefs there.

IMG_2018The last stop we made was to the lovely girls at Lickalix.

These alcoholic ice lollies were the perfect refreshment after hard work in the kitchen. As their slogan goes “Lick, slurp and be merry.”

Ladies, the pleasure and privilege would be ours.

We then were ushered out of the grounds as we had had our full allocation of fun. Thus ended our day at Taste of London.

Currys and AEG supplied us with tickets to the show but have not paid us to post and have not affected our editorial judgement either.

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