Cubana – Close But No (Cuban) Cigar!

Pulled somethingorother and plantain

The Foodie Boys were off to the theatre, so you know what that means; PRE-THEATRE DIN DINS!

Party time!
Party time!

We won’t divulge exactly what it was we were going to see as we feel tarnishing the name of the show with this food may leave a bad taste in the mouth, like the food did.

Upon walking around the corner from Waterloo station you are confronted with twinkling lights and a picture of a dancing lady, it quite literally screams SIESTA! Which is Spanish for party, in Cuba they speak Spanish (Toby – check this before publishing).

We were delighted to be placed in their best seats – a prominent plinth which towered above the rest of the venue – perhaps they had heard the Foodie Boys were on the loose in Waterloo! It was a bit like being given the window seat in an aeroplane; fantastic views but limited leg room.

The pre-theatre menu was two courses for £10 which is pretty reasonable in any language (razonable in Spanish).

Great views!
Great views!

We opted for the: Falafel Cubana and the Croquetas de boniato y chorizo. Both of which came with an orange sauce. We both agreed that these starters were perfectly razonable.

On to the mains, we went for Tortilla Cubana – A Spanish-style omelette made with sweet potatoes and fresh veggies, served cold with mixed leaf salad & home-made tomato salsa, and a Ropa Vieja – Cuban-style shredded beef. A traditional Cuban dish served with fried plantain and rice with chopped plantain & a hint of chilli. We both agreed these were basura (rubbish in English).

Happy hour (Hora Contento) was taking place so we decided to take them up on the offer of two Margaritas for £6.50. HAPPY SOUR more like, these things were so sour and acidic that you could feel them burn their way all the way from your throat to your penis. Not a pleasant experience. Fidel Castro would be turning in his grave.

We parted with a warning shot at the waitress that Che Guevara would be proud of if he were still around today – we would not be returning unless they improved

Mucky margaritas
Mucky margaritas

their Margaritas. She told us she would tell the bar immediately. Let’s hope she did, because if there’s one thing we have surely learned from history, it’s isolationist policies just do not work.

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