The Real Greek – 6 October 2014

I headed to Westfield in Stratford last night looking to buy myself a jumper for the impeding winter.

Souvlaki and new potatoes
Souvlaki and new potatoes

After a successful trip to M&S (which is THE place to be if you like seeing David Gandy’s bulge) I felt a bit peckish (or peckerish). I scoped out The Street area of Westfield and was offered dining opportunities such as Jamie’s Italian, Giraffe and Wahaca. Then I looked over the way and spotted a charming looking little place called The Real Greek.

Having been to Cyprus I’m well accustomed to this kind of cuisine and demanded a starter of flatbreads and Tzatziki without even having seen the menu! I was validated by the waitress who informed me, “The tzatziki is my favourite.” All I can say is that her taste is impeccable, I don’t actually have a photo of that course as myself and my dining colleague wolfed it down like particularly industrious beavers building a damn, apart from we swallowed the food, I don’t think beavers swallow their wood.

Next up we shared Souvlaki for two: Lamb, Halloumi and Chicken, with two regular sides. For the sides we opted for the new potatoes and the beetroot, feta and lentil salad.

As a wrap fan I thoroughly enjoyed the soulvaki here as they were meat and cheese in flatbreads, the flatbreads acting as a wrap.

The new potatoes were lemony,which is fine providing you like lemons, The salad was a charming mix of lentils, beetroot and feta in a tangy lemon dressing, again fine providing you like lemons.

Feta, beetroot and lentil salad.
Feta, beetroot and lentil salad.

I asked for the bill and it was duly presented along with a voucher for 25% off providing you had a receipt from a shop in Stratford Westfield. Well, hello new M&S sweater. I excitedly rummaged through my bag and found the receipt only to be told by a waiter that the offer doesn’t start until tomorrow. Being a cowardly man I was going to leave it at that, however my co-eater had different ideas. After inspecting the voucher and finding no start or end date she took the waiter to task and we duly received £7 off the bill!

A fantastic experience providing you’ve got someone with you who doesn’t take no for an answer and you both like lemon.

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