On The Bab

photo 2 (3)Thursday’s the new Friday.

Thirst day more like. We headed to one of our favourite watering holes, The Old Fountain. Tony took on a couple of wheat beers and Tobes went for a couple of pints of Wreckless, and very nice they were too.

We were pretty peckish after spying the buffet of a group of estate agents on a work night out.  We almost asked for one of their scotch eggs!

After perusing the menu at the pub we decided the fare was a little too pub food for our tastes, so went off in search of something a little more exotic.


We saw a queue and being naturally inquisitive types we went for a closer look. To our surprise we had happened upon a Korean pop-up. We say pop-up in the sense that we hadn’t seen it before, thus it had popped-up.

After a brief stint outside we were taken to our seats. We were delighted to be sat next to a couple who we spoke at length with about Koreans and their culture. Hi if you’re reading this! Sorry you had to leave in such a hurry.

To the food!

We ordered a spicy pork bibimbap, fried chicken, kimchi pancakes and some pork buns. Also plumping for a couple of Hites, a perfectly quaffable Korean lager.

The spicy pork bibimbap (yes, I struggled to pronounce it when I ordered, much to the amusement of the waitress who WAS Korean!) wasn’t as spicy as you’d expect.  The fried chicken was a success, fried and chickeny with a soy garlic glaze – real SEOUL food!

For those of you unfamiliar with Kimchi it’s a traditional fermented Korean side dish made of vegetables with a variety of seasonings. It is often described as spicy and sour (via wikipedia). This was put in a pancake, or should I say bland cake. They were quite bland. The star of the show were the Pork Buns. Spicy pork meat in fluffy buns. Yum yum!

Nice touches, Rapeseed and dessert

There were a few nice touches around the restaurant such as this little fella on the toilet door. We were also pleased to discover rapeseed oil to be their cooking oil of choice.

 IMG_20141002_211430photo 2 (5)photo 3 (4)

photo 4 (1)Sadly we weren’t offered a look at a dessert menu, a shame as after clocking a Muller Crunch Corner in the fridge our sweet tooths were salivating. The bill came to a total of £38.10 a respectable price for two dishes and a beer each. We might go back or we might not, we’re not sure yet. Below is an exclusive Vine from the night.

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