Where to eat in Devon if you happen to go to the same places that I’ve been

I’ve been down to Devon a fair bit this year. Devon is a county in southwest England. It encompasses sandy beaches, fossil cliffs, medieval towns and moorland national parks. You’ll be absolutely unsurprised to hear that when I go there I do none of those things, instead I like to eat food and drink booze.Continue reading “Where to eat in Devon if you happen to go to the same places that I’ve been”

Roots – York

Tommy Banks, sounds a bit like cockney rhyming slang doesn’t it? “I’m just popping to the allotment for a Tommy Banks.” There was, fortunately, no masturbating during my visit to Roots, mainly because Tommy wasn’t there. Full disclosure: I actually booked this meal because I’d been reliably informed it was owned by England cricket captain,Continue reading “Roots – York”

Cornerstone – Hackney

“A cornerstone is literally a stone at the corner of a building. It’s an important stone, so it also means “the basic part of something,” as in, the cornerstone of the suffragette movement was getting women the right to vote.” Not my words, the words of vocabulary.com. The suffragette movement is an interesting angle forContinue reading “Cornerstone – Hackney”

A weekend in Nottingham

“Where would you like to go for your birthday, dearest?” My wife asked. “Oooh, ideally a university town.” “Which?” “One where most the tossers I attended school with went.” “I’m not sure there are any good restaurants in Loughborough.” “No, Nottingham you fool!” Is there any better way to celebrate turning 34 than by goingContinue reading “A weekend in Nottingham”