Copper Fox Grill – Birmingham

If I told you there’s a pub in Quinton knocking out very decent Indian food you’d probably say, “OK, fair enough.” If I told you this pub is owned by Tosh from the Bill and Samantha Fox you’d probably say, “seems plausible, tell me more.” I give you the Copper Fox Grill.

A few weeks ago with a hangover at seven on the sickter scale I decided to get out of bed and go for a walk.

As we all know, the old saying goes, “if you find yourself hungover, get out of bed and walk to Quinton,” and who am I to break with tradition?

What actually happened is I walked to Grove Park in Harborne and then carried on wandering, then like a wise man spotting the star – I spied a pub in the distance.

What happened next will shock you.

The sun was out, so I sat in the outside bit, the football was on, I had three pints, some chilli chicken, daal makhani and a small mixed grill and my hangover disappeared. Magical.

The chilli chicken is one of those things you know you probably shouldn’t be eating with a slightly luminous orange sauce, but ideal hangover material.

Lamb samosas were filled with a keema matar type filling and went down better than your mum.

The daal makhani was very good and plentiful, so plentiful it comes in a bucket. Perfect.

The mixed grill certainly isn’t the best you’ll get in Birmingham, the chicken tikka wasn’t up to much sadly, but it was decent and cheap.

Well done everyone.

The end.

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