Toby reviews Duke’s Head – Pulled 1st January.

People who aren’t aware of The Duke’s Head in Highgate are missing out on one of the best kept secrets in London – a pub with more beers than you could swing your drinking arm at. Not that you’d want to swing your arms aggressively, as, on the whole, everyone seems quite nice there.

They have monthly residencies, taking in some of the finest street foods that London Town has to offer, and placing them in the sleepy surroundings of Highgate Village.

For December, they had Pulled, purveyors of slow-roasted meat. pulled-web

Well, I thought I’d missed my chance at sampling them when I called in for a post-New Year’s Eve pint and saw that I had one more evening to see what they had to offer.

I went for the chicken, with their own piri-piri sauce, in a knowing nod to the popularity of a certain Portuguese restaurant…

After an impressively short wait, they came back to me with a burger on a chopping board – a nice touch.

IMG_20150101_174611Just what the hangover doctor ordered.

Firstly, the rosemary fries. I loved these, in fact I’d go as far as to say they are my favourite Fry in London –  bad luck Stephen!!

The chicken sandwich itself was a little disappointing. To my tongue it tasted a little bland, and not nearly enough spice to it.

Perhaps I should have gone for the pork, a more naturally slow-roasted meat. That would have been a real hog-manay then!

So perhaps the chicken didn’t lay the perfect new year egg for me in form of a burger but the meal was driven by those spectacular chips, which don’t look much but really are unbeatable!

I enjoyed this with a half of Siren’s excellent Liquid Mistress beer – a half is enough with this one as it certainly packs a crafty punch. I would have like to have spent more time in the pub but it was closing time.

Our review of January’s residency ‘Beefsteaks‘ will be coming VERY soon!

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