The White Swan – 8 October (London Cocktail Week)

With London Cocktail Week in full swing we had a bit of a thirst on. Good job we know a pub which does a few yummy cocktails at a great price!

The White Swan sits next to Highbury & Islington station and has enough room to swing a very big cat, or enough room to accommodate two pretty cool ones!. We found a table towards the back and plotted our purchases.

Woo Woo and a Tiger!
Woo Woo and a Tiger!

Tony did the honours and proudly ordered a pitcher of Woo Woo at the bar, which came in at a very reasonable £8.99. Woo Woo consists of Peach Schnapps, vodka and cranberry juice – a sweet sensation in the mouth! The Wetherspoon website lists the ingredients incorrectly, but don’t worry I have tweeted them to correct their mistake.

I think they’ll be correcting that very soon!

After a hard Wednesday at work, the tummy’s bound to start rumbling. That’s where the Chicken Club came in. The White Swan do a great offer on their chicken dishes on Hump Day so we both promptly ordered the chicken strips with chips and coleslaw for a cool £6.59. After a heated debate about whether we should order different dishes so we could review more than one thing, it was decided that we both just really wanted the chicken strips.

Chicken strips and chips
Chicken strips and chips

The chicken was crumbed to perfection and when you slathered on some sauce of the barbecue variety, you’ve got yourself a feast – ranch style! The chips were not groundbreaking, although Tony supplemented his with their own spicy powder (20p surcharge) – a warming potato experience.

We also got a free can of Six Point craft beer (sorry Five Points, they’ve gone one better) with our meal. Tony went for the Tiger, Toby went for The Crisp. That didn’t stop us from following up with a nice pint of This.Is.Lager from the inimitable BrewDog mind you! Wednesday? WetNoseDay more like.

All in all, we had a great time. The place had everything, including friendly locals who dined alone, some merrily chatting away to themselves. We even got to watch the Great British Bake Off final, granted it was muted, but that meant we got to do our humorous Paul Hollywood impressions, much to the delight of the other diners.

We’re thinking of making #ChickenWednesday a regular thing. Get in touch here, or on Twitter if you’re interested in joining our supper club.

Alright there, mate? I'm Paul Hollywood like.
Alright there, mate? I’m Paul Hollywood like.

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