Food Trends 2019

The Chinese might think it’s going to be the year of the Rooster, but like with so many things, the Chinese are completely wrong – Rooster meat is not expected to be readily available in supermarkets until at least 2025.

Here are our predictions, just call us NOSH-tradamus!

1. Sausages.

Yes, Sausages may have been top of our list for 2018 too, but it’s all change in the sausage market.

Welcome aboard Sausage Drone(™).

Going to the shops and buying sausages is SO last year.

With our new app you’ll be able to order sausages that will be flown straight into your hungry, gaping mouth.

Still think pigs can’t fly?

2. Carrots.

“Eat your carrots”
“Go on, they help you see in the dark!”
“I’m allergic to carrots, I’ll just put a light on.”
“Eat your fucking carrots, Toby.”

Just some of our favourite childhood memories where carrots are concerned.

But whether in a cake, a soup or a carrot burger, this plucky little orange guy will have people saying “forget the stick, I want the carrot,” for the first time.

3. Asparagus.

Sounds like a fancy holiday destination AND makes your piss smell funny, what’s not to like?

4. Whelks.

She sells sea snails on the sea shore… and makes a shit tonne of money.

Not so tongue tied are you, now?

Whelks are set to be THE big foodie hit of 2019, so stop being overwhelmed and start being overWHELKed.

5. Pick N Mix.

Cola bottles, fried eggs, dolly mixtures, sour cherries; I’m just listing types of Pic N Mix. Which says it all really.

6. Foie Gras.

2018 was all, “force feeding geese until their livers are infected and bloated is bad.”

2019 is going to be all, “I want that more infected, and more bloated before it goes anywhere near my toast, thank you very much.”

7. Whelks.

See number 4.

8. Scottish food.

Och aye, the new foodie sensation!

Scotch eggs have already been popular for centuries, but did you know there’s more to them than that?!

I for one can’t wait to drown everything in Thousand HIGHLAND dressing.

9. Wings

No, not just chicken wings. Wings of any animal that can fly will make for trendy snacks this year.

From the well-loved bumble bee to the hated kestrel, we’ll be winging it in 2019.

10. Whelks.

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