Review: Meat Shack

Hi there, (put ‘National Burger Day’ somewhere near the top for SEO purposes) remember the B-52’s 1989 hit single Love Shack? Of course you do, you wild party animal. Well, see below, I’ve composed a new version.

I’m headin’ down the Smallbrook Queensway
Lookin’ for the meat getaway
Headed for the meat getaway

I got me a mouth, it’s as big as a whale
And we’re headin’ on down to the Meat Shack
I got me a gut, it seats about 20
So hurry up and bring your burger money

The meat shack is a little old place where we can get together
Meat Shack, baby
Meat Shack, baby, Meat Shack 

Repeat until bored

Good right? I’m willing to write jingles for any food / drink provider in the West Midlands in exchange for free booze, food and cash.

So, burgers is it? I like a burger, I’ve even spent three of the last four years running pickle eating competitions at Mr Hyde / Street Feast’s National Burger Day Parties. What I’m getting at is – yes, I’m a high flyer in the burger world.

Moving to Birmingham I was slightly concerned about not finding anywhere decent, having tried Buffalo and Rye a few months ago and being left VERY disappointed. I was excited to hear about Meat Shack and seeing everyone on social media saying it was like properly good.

So, I went, and for once, social media was right.


Buffalo blue burger

I had the buffalo blue burger and some onion rings, despite onions doing funny things to my arse – a price I’m willing to pay to provide you with top blog content.

The burger was superb, the Franks sauce, blue cheese dressing and candied bacon crumb all worked so well together that it’s giving me the right horn just writing it down.

The onion rings were fantastic too, perfectly crisp and with onion salt added to give my bowel a real good going over.


Onion rings

Congratulations to everyone involved, well done, ten on ten, in other words:

FoodieBoys_review_fullx 5 out of 5

Want proof that I’ve eaten burgers before? Weird, but OK, check it: here and here.

Interview with ‘Gonzo Foodie’ Adam Layton – @NoshableAdam

Adam_LaytonQuestion 1

Foodie Boys: Shortlist magazine described you as a ‘Gonzo Foodie’.

Adam Layton: They did.

FB: What does that mean?

AL: That I eat like a muppet.

Question 2

FB: If you were to die, what type of food would you want to come back as?

AL: A crusty loaf (laughs hysterically).

Question 3



FB: Have you, hand on heart, ever said nom nom nom?

AL: Yes.

FB: When and why?

AL: A couple of years ago I did a search for myself with those search terms and deleted all of the evidence. But it’ll exist inside me forever. I have previously nom’d, I have a history of nomming.

Question 4

FB: You can only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what is it?

AL: Smoked paprika. Probably from a thimble or something.

Question 5

FB: What’s the most ill you’ve ever been because of food and what caused it?

AL: Probably on holiday in Cyprus. An all you can eat hotel buffet lead to a sorry incident where, I’m not ashamed to say, I soiled myself. I was about fifteen.

FB: Was it down to any particular foodstuff?

AL: Schnitzel.

Question 6

FB: If you were to make a #FoodPorno who would be in it and what type of food would feature?

AD: Woody Harrelson as the male role, he’s on his own and the foodstuff would be a big italian salami.

FB: What would the title of this film be?

AD: I haven’t got wood.

Keep up with all the things Adam is sticking in his mouth at @NoshableAdam on Twitter and Instagram.

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