Giggling Squid – Harborne (preview)

Tapas? That’s Spanish isn’t it?! Erm, not if these guys have got anything to do with it!

This eatery used to house a pizza eatery, can’t remember which one – sorry about that. Now this eatery has been transformed to be a completely different looking eatery and is now a Thai eatery.

What’s on the menu? Well, all sorts. There are small plates, starters, mains, probably desserts too but I couldn’t see them on the menu when I passed the front door.

I’ve actually been to Thailand, so I’m somewhat of an expert on the cuisine. You’ve got pad thai, which is like noodles and stuff. You’ve got green, red and massaman curries, which are like curries.

There’s something on the menu here called ‘Crying Beef’ or ‘Sad Cow’, so your mum should like it.

A stone’s throw from Sabai Sabai, Harborne will now have two Thai eateries, interesting fact or what?

I was now going to do a list of alternative names for this eatery, but I could only really come up with one so you’ll just have to enjoy that instead.

  • Pissing Itself Cuttlefish

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