Review: Angel & Blue Pig (Lymington) – Toby

There’s nothing better than an Easter getaway, as Tony can attest to.

The New Forest was my selection of location. Please note the name of this area is quite misleading – it’s not all forest and it’s exceptionally old.

IMG_20160326_194822However, it’d be churlish of me to blame The Angel & Blue Pig of Lymington for this oversight.

So I went in on a wet and windy Saturday evening after a particularly enlightening walk around the salt marshes of the area.

“Had a good day?” asked the female-waiter after I’d been granted a table in their restaurant area.

I began to tell her about the environmental importance of these salt marshes; there are certain wading birds that depend on these specific conditions to survive.

“Would you like a drink at all?” she started.

“Much like the wading birds, I’d like just enough to drink, but not too much!” I joked.

“Right, so a half then?” she parried.

“No, a pint.” I couldn’t think of a witty retort. I quickly added that I’d like the sausage and mash which neatly filled the silence that had ensued.

I requested that it came with normal gravy, not the onion gravy they had advertised on the menu. She kindly agreed. Not everyone would be so understanding.

Like my Mum, she refuses to remove the onion from her gravy despite my repeated requests and stomach cramps.


Here is the sausage and mash. It came with green beans and the special gravy.

The sausages were from Gloucestershire Old Spot pigs, which produce a quality sausage. The accompanying vegetables were nice too.

The only disappointment was the gravy, which was fairly tasteless and felt like it was missing something – they certainly won’t be winning any awards for that!

The venue itself resembled a Scottish hunting lodge, which I thought strange.


This is what the restaurant looked like

But I liked that, the tartan chairs made me feel like a Lord, or a “Laird” as our Celtic cousins would say.

Overall, a nice meal. Three and a half boys.  Just sort out that gravy guys.






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