Crustless Leek, Mushroom & Sweet Potato Quiche

When a new year hits the shelves, the first thing we think of is our resolutions. Toby ain’t so different from you, and accordingly has vowed to eat healthier foods. But Tobes loves a quiche (I have a theory that, under different circumstances where there were less Italians in the world, the quiche may well have become the takeaway option of choice ahead of pizza.)

You will need: Frying pan, chopping board, pie dish, wooden spoon, mixer, sharp knife, peeler.

Ingredients: 5 eggs, creme fraiche, mushrooms, leeks, chilli, thyme, onion, sweet potato, parmesan, salt

Eggs not pictured

Eggs not pictured


Peel the sweet potato and dice. Chop the onion, mushrooms, chilli (to add a kick!) and leeks. Add some oil to a hot pan.

Fry up the onion, later adding the other previously chopped vegetables.

Wicked leeks (wiki leaks)

Wicked leeks (wiki leaks)

Place your cooked mixture in to the bottom of the pie dish. Pre-heat your oven to 175 degrees.

Now mix up the creme fraiche (low fat option, replaces with whipping cream and sour cream combo if you like), the eggs, some salt and mix it all up until smooth. Poor this over the vegetable mixture, top with parmesan and place pie dish in oven.

Wait for 45-50 minutes and out will come a golden, delicious, low-carb quiche that will have your housemates and work colleagues salivating while you eat it in front of them.

Quiche calm and carry on!

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