Tony reviews Chicken Liquor – Brixton market 22 Nov

Once again Saturday evening appeared and I was without a restaurant reservation. Where to? Brixton market of course.

I wasn’t really sure what I fancied so I did a couple of laps of the market/row areas and deliberated the pros and cons of each establishment.

My findings were pretty unanimous, there are no cons to fried chicken. So, it was off to Chicken Liquor I went.

“Chicken liquor, that name sounds familiar.” You’re right, it does, formerly Wishbone, ┬áthis chicken joint is now owned by the trendy Meat Liquor organisation. ┬áHaving never been to Meat Liquor I have no idea if it’s any good or not, but I’ve heard enough about it to presume it is.

It was pretty busy but myself and two friends were given a table at the back with high stools and a very close proximity to the toilet. This worked well as I actually needed to use the facilities when we first arrived and also just before we left.

What’s on the menu?

Chicken liquor menu

Chicken liquor menu

Chicken and plenty of it. If chicken is your thing there’ll be something for you.

Chicken YOUR WAY boasts the menu.

Well, my way was 1 x Buffalo wings, 1 x Thai wings and 1 x Garlic and Soy boneless bites.

“That’s a lot of chicken!” Yes, yes it is. Look at it in all it’s glory (see picture).

The buffalo wings were good, with enough of a kick to keep you on your toes and a delicious blue cheese sauce to add to the bite.

A lot of chicken

A lot of chicken

The Thai wings were disappointing, but I only ordered them as an experiment, so I wasn’t too downhearted,

The garlic and soy bites were sweet and lovely, a contrast to the buffalo. I chose to have a buffalo wing followed by a boneless bite, followed by a buffalo wing followed by a boneless bite and so on, to keep my taste buds guessing.

For a drink I had a whisky sour. I wasn’t sure what I wanted when the waitress approached the table to get our order, so I panicked and asked for the first thing I saw.

“A sour please.”
“What type of spirit?”


Sour note

I’m pleased I said “whisky” as the first spirit to come to mind, as it could have been quite embarrassing if for example I’d said “Baileys”.

Did I enjoy chicken liquor?

I’ll let this graphic photograph do the talking!

Yes, I did enjoy Chicken Liquor.

Yes, I did enjoy Chicken Liquor.

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