Toby’s Lunch / Review 17th November

Monday? Munchday more like.

Another week, and another chance to try out some of the foodie venues around my work.

This time it was The Fellow in King’s Cross, a terrific gastropub, just around the corner from everyone’s favourite rail station.

I was in a meaty sort of mood so I didn’t hesitate to opt for the steak, with hand cut chips and peppercorn sauce. Our food took some time to come, causing me to quip “what, are they catching the cow?” which I think judged the tone of the meal quite well. We were welcoming a new member of staff and some frivolity was encouraged.

It was during the wait that, in a moment of inattentiveness, I caused the straw in my drink to catch on fire. My straw was dangling out of the Diet Coke I had ordered, unbeknownst to me, far too close to a nearby candle.

I was busy holding court about November sales figures when I detected a commotion to the left of me. Luckily Ryan was on hand to extinguish the plastic-y flames in his glass of water. A sobering lesson in fire safety, and certainly one the restaurant should consider when planning table arrangements.

When the food arrived, it was wonderful. The steak was cooked to perfection, perfectly red in the middle while brown on the outside. As I said at the time, “well done on the medium rare steak!” Again, just allowing people to enjoy the meal without resorting to crude innuendo like others might.

My particular highlight was the handcut chips, which really were something special. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone who would listen.


Thanks very much to all at The Fellow for their permission to take a photo of this

Thanks very much to all at The Fellow for their permission to take a photo of this

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