Okan – Brixton market – 8 Nov


Saturday was all about the rugby for me. I watched it in a pretty lacklustre boozer, which I won’t name. After the game had finished (England lost – gutted) and I’d had four or five (who’s counting?) pints of Cornwall’s very own Tribute beer I was feeling pretty peckish.

Okan Brixton Market

Okan Brixton Market

I was racking my brain for what sort of grub I fancied, then I thought, “Brixton market.”

I wandered around for a short while before seeing the striking shop front of Okan, situated pleasingly close to the public toilets. Although it was busy I asked a pair of strangers, “Is it OK if we sit here?” “Yes,” came the response, and we joined them at their table.

We took to our stools and ordered a couple of pints of Kirin. Kirin is a Japanese lager, a perfectly quaffable one at that.

Food wise we ordered Edamame – which are soya beans sprinkled with sea salt, you open up the pods and pop the beans in your mouth (it’s quite good fun) and  Onasu – aubergine with soy, honey and ginger with miso dressing. Both were very nice, so nice in fact that we ate them before I remembered to get my phone out and get a picture! Sorry!

Pork and Kimchi Okonomiyaki

Pork and Kimchi Okonomiyaki

Then on to the main event, the Okonomiyaki. Having visited Japan I was well aware what this dish was. It’s sort of a Japanesy pizza but made out of cabbage. After explaining this at length to my co-diner she opted for the noodles.

I had a pork and kimchi one. It arrives steaming hot with bonito fish flakes dancing away on top, it’s quite a spectacle.

It was very nice, not quite as authentic as the ones I ate during my time in Japan but I suppose that’s to be expected. If you can’t be Fukuyamad to go all the way to Japan, Brixton market is a pretty good second choice.

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