Review: Spilt Milk + Plum

If you’re in the digital corporate game like my good self Toby, then there are perks.

Sure, you stay up night sweating over your PPC figures and you might have one too many nights pulling a latey because your Account Manager’s dropped the ball on a big pitch but the rewards of the job are there to see.

The fancy meals make it all worthwhile. So when I was asked along to a client lunch (I can’t say with who, but if I said “Large Broadband Provider,” you might guess!) when a colleague had to pull out, I jumped at the chance.

The Plum + Spilt Milk sits off King’s Cross station in an assuming way; the outside of the building barely hinting at what it holds inside. A really nice restaurant.

How would you like to pay? Fortunately, I wasn't!

How would you like to pay? Fortunately, I wasn’t!

After we were seated (I took the iniative to ask we were seated nearer the toilets so they were more accessible to our client, who I sensed was prone to sudden urges) we perused the menu.

I munched on the artisan bread they served while I assessed my options and I must say it really was fantastic. I’d go as far to say as it was the best bread I’ve ever eaten in a restaurant.

Tell you what, glad this one went on the company plastic, this stuff wasn’t cheap! That’s what you get when you sit with the big players – high stakes games.

Speaking of steaks, I ordered that for my main course, more of which later.

To start however, I went for a little potted rabbit, with a terrific sourdough bread and pickles, accompanied by a cheeky glass of red – well if broadband royalty are encouraging you, you don’t turn a nice Merlot down!

Run Rabbit? Too late, it's already been caught and potted!

Run Rabbit Run? Too late, it’s already been caught and potted!

By the time we’d hit the main course, I’d hit my stride and was holding court, impressing both colleagues and client alike with my take on the current situation.

I’d ordered the steak tartare, which I think turned a few heads. Most of the party who attended were vegetarian and so were restricted to salads and lentil-based dishes, but at least I was able to branch out and sample a few things.

Raw deal? No, it was lovely.

Raw deal? No, it was lovely.

Along it came, seasoned to perfection. Look at that egg.

Not pictured are the paprika fries I had to accompany the steak. In my excitement I forgot to take a photo of them, but they were very nice.

The steak was, of course, wonderful. To be honest I was relieved when nobody wanted to try any of it.

Mind you, having tried some of the mushroom vol au vent, I can tell you there’s no shortage of excellent dishes on offer at this place!

To finish? Well, I could have had their signature dish, the plums and spilt milk, but I considered that a little obvious, so I went for the apple pie.

Inventively, I combined my cream with the salted caramel a colleague had been given for another dessert, improving it immeasurably. I suggested to the waiting service that a pre-mixed combination would be advantageous in future and I can’t wait to see if they implement this.

Pie = nom recurring!

Pie = nom recurring!

I certainly hope it won’t be long before I visit Plum + Spilt Milk again. My only regret is not persuading everyone to stay for a glass of brandy after our meal to cleanse the palate.

Needless to say, we lost this client shortly after the meeting, proving that you can’t pay too much to please the people you work for.

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