Review / Toby’s Lunch 28th October

A bit of winter sun at lunchtime on payday? Yes please thank you very much!

Working as I do in digital, I don’t often get time to grab much more than a snack at my desk, but today was different. My wallet fat with my ill-begotten gains, I perused the King’s Cross area for a tasty bite and came back with a little more than I bargained for!

I attended the opening of Foodilic some months ago, where I received half price fare and enjoyed it very much. I returned today with no such discount forthcoming, despite a word in the ear of the counter service staff.

Undeterred, I went for the Mediterranean vegetable quiche, alongside their superfood salad and potato salad. This came to £6.50, a fee not unreasonable for the quantities offered.

So then, cardboard box of treats in hand, I sought out a bit of sun by the rail station. The quiche was moist excellence itself, while the minty superfood salad and garlicky potato helped fill a hole up.

My only qualm with the whole experience was the cutlery on offer. On my visit I found only spoons and knives on offer. I am partial to a fork, as I believe they provide more grip on slippery foods, such as the broccoli I am currently digesting.

In summary; a health-conscious lunch, at a price you wouldn’t baulk at.

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