Review / Tony’s lunch – Inito 28 October

There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch

Inito roti

Inito roti

Whoever said that didn’t have lunch with me today. Having lived in India I’ve watched with eager eyes as Inito Roti has been put together near my place of work.

When I lived in India I used to have rotis for lunch very often, normally they’d be dipped and dunked into chickpea curries, acting as a mini naan bread. Delicious.

Now, as a big fan of wraps (the alternative to boring, old sandwiches) I was delighted to see that in Inito, roti bread was being used as an alternative to a tortilla style wrap.

Roti is generally an Indian bread, made from stoneground wholemeal flour, traditionally known as atta flour, that originated and is consumed in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

As I walked to Sainsbury’s to pick up some San Pellegrino water (I developed my taste for sparkling water when living in India) I saw Inito had opened it’s door(s).

Inito roti menu

Inito roti menu

I peaked my head through and was informed that they weren’t properly open just yet, but I could join the queue and try some of their fare.

Well, what a treat! There are numerous options here. I jumped in and went for the chicken, chickpea masala, spinach with mixed herb chutney sauce. It was a winner.

Now the amazing bit – I didn’t pay for it. “What, did your Mumbai?” No, when did I mention my mother being with me?! ┬áIt was because they’re not officially open. I was gobsmacked.

It’s only some 30/45 minutes later I realise the genius of this. Due to me enjoying the food and the proximity to my work, I’ll almost certainly be back. I could end up potentially having one of these every lunch time I want to be reminded of living in India, which is most of them let’s face it.

My colleagues are especially pleased as they adore my anecdotes about the time I lived in India.

Chicken and Chickpea roti at my work station

Chicken and Chickpea roti at my work station

It’s worth noting that we review both things we have and haven’t paid for. If you would like us to review your restaurant please get in touch. Especially if it’s going to be free.

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