Tony’s Lunch: 16 October 2014


How are you all?

Frittata with leeks and other items

Frittata with leeks and other items

Lunch time! I wasn’t at home last night (naughty naughty!) so didn’t get a chance to bring any food of my own in today. A mistake considering my current financial mismanagement.

I contemplated another £3 meal deal but the thought of it made my bowel quite irate. Instead I headed to a little place I know pretty well.

I chowed down on a frittata with leeks, feta and other items. This came with a side salad of broccoli and some weird nuts and some new potatoes. I washed it down with some fizzy apple drink.

£6 in total. I’d tell you where it is, but I quite like going there and if you all hear about it it’ll get full and I won’t be able to get a seat. Sorry.

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