Honest Burger – 16th September (Day before my birthday)

Hi guys, Toby here. Just back from a stag weekend, what happened in Manchester stays in Manchester! Although I’ll probably blog about some food I had there at some stage.

Last month I visited Honest Burger, and HONESTLY, it’s one of the best burgers I’ve ever had.

The scrummy menu on offer

The scrummy menu on offer

Being the adventurous type, who doesn’t like to eat the same old foods every time, I went for their special. Not your average burger, it features beef, chorizo, manchego, chimichurri and jalapeno puree. I didn’t stop there, I also had onion rings and coleslaw. #sides

What did I think of the burger? Well, it was nice and certainly had a kick to it. However, I personally would prefer to pick the safe option next time and go for the classic Honest Burger. You can’t go wrong with that.

Nearly finished!

Nearly finished!

One of the sides on offer, nom

One of the sides on offer, nom

One qualm I would have was the inconsistent drink containers. While some soft drinks came served in a can (like Coca Cola), others came in small glasses (water) and another (lemonade) came in a jam jar.

Dinner should be a communal experience and having different beverage receptacles only to serves to drive you apart, a point I repeatedly made to anyone who would listen.

Service was good, and they were very accommodating with my request to have the full menu (with prices) read aloud.

Jam jar? Can? Glass? Come on.

Jam jar? Can? Glass? Come on.

All in all, I enjoyed my visit and would have liked to have stayed a great deal longer but my colleagues had too much work on at the office. 4/5

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