Pig in a Paddy Field

Hi guys, Tobes here.

There’s a lot of bullshit talked about food. A good example is that cooking ham with Coca Cola makes it delicious. Not true. I recently fried some ham in Coke (okay it was Pepsi, because it was on offer) and it was absolutely revolting.

Another common myth is that sausage somehow can’t complement rice. My own personal recipe, Pig in a Paddy Field*, shows this is entirely false.

*Please do not reproduce this recipe without my prior permission.

What you’ll need: A frying pan. A saucepan. A wooden spoon. A colander.

Tinned tomatoes
Tinned peas
Tinned mushrooms
Rice (boil in bag)
Chicken stock
Salt and pepper
Mixed herbs.

Fry oil until brown, cut the sausages and add them in. Make sure they are cooked please. Turn down the heat and add the tomatoes, mushrooms, peas and chicken stock. Season with salt, pepper and herbs. In the meantime, boil the rice. Once the rice is boiled add to the sausage mixture and cook until it is soaked through.

Dust with parsley. Serve with crusted bread.

I’ll be back soon with more innovative recipes.

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