Toby’s Lunch: Bagel 7 October 2014

Working as I do in digital, the fellas provide a lot of lunchtime material, including breads and spreads. They certainly know how to get the best out of their workforce, I find myself motivated to work hard everyday.

This lunch I’ve opted for the filled bagel, using fillings bought from the nearby Tesco Metro. Some great deals in there.

The spread of choice in the office is ‘I can’t believe it’s not Butter,’ although I prefer Lurpak myself.

I topped this with Porchetta Ham (Tesco Finest, £2 for 5 slices), Cathedral City cheese slices (reduced fat, £1.50 for 8 slices) and round lettuce (value, 40p).

Excellent value at Tesco

Excellent value at Tesco

Topped with a bit of mayo and mustard, this bagel was a tasty afternoon treat, particularly washed down with a cool Fanta Lemon. Plus, it’ll keep me alert and creative as I must be in my digital media job.

What are you having for lunch?


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