Beijing spaghetti

Hey, Tony here. I don’t always play by the rules with my cooking and nothing shows this more than my infamous Beijing Spaghetti.

I’ve taken a classic Italian number – spaghetti – and added an interesting Asian twist.

What you’ll need: A frying pan. A spatula. A saucpan. A colander.




Spaghetti (or other pasta but you’ll have to change the name on your menu)
Chilli powder
Hoi Sin sauce


Boil the pasta in a saucepan of boiling water. While that’s happening heat up some oil in a frying pan. Open the bacon and add to the hot oil.  Add some garlic to the bacon and (if you’re feeling brave) some chilli powder.

Once the bacon is cooked put the heat off. Drain the pasta in the colander. Add the bacon to the pasta (Ok, that’s not that crazy). (Here comes the science part) Put two or three tsps (tea spoons – the small ones) of Hoi Sin sauce on and mix the combination together!

Grubs up!

Grubs up!

Put on a plate and grate some parmesan on top (What? Never heard of a Chinese man who enjoys cheese before?!


I enjoyed mine in bed with a glass of Barry McGuigan’s Shiraz.

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